Back in 2008, Alumni Creative was founded with one goal in mind: to be a design agency, different from any other in the market. The company is based on three main concepts, equally important: to provide excellent products, to have a highly-experience team and to exceed the client’s expectations.

What makes us different? We understand that in order to be successful and to offer the customer what he wants, there has to be effective communication. Only by listening to the customer and understanding what he needs, we are able to offer outstanding solutions.

Our team brings together people with years of experience in global communications, who are dedicate and passionate about their work.  Our comprehensive team includes web developers, content writers, web designers, mobile developers and system administrators.

Another thing that sets us apart in the industry is that we can adapt to your budget and still provide exceptional services.

Innovation is in Alumni Creative’s DNA.

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We’re creative

Our imagination is the only limit to what we can do. Do you need original ideas and unique products? Then you have come to the right place.

We’re passionate

We love what we do, and we like challenges. We are a group of passionate people, who are constantly discovering new ways to be the first who have inspiring ideas and use the latest technologies.

We’re professional

Our company has more than a decade of experience, more than 500 projects completed and more than 3,000 people counting on us.

We’re dedicated

We do not only deliver the product that our customer needs. We work together as a team, we look for the best solution, we spend as much time as needed to find that perfect idea to deliver something outstanding.

We’re young

We are a young team, always looking to become better and overcome ourselves. We are open to everything that is new on the market, and we strive to be one step ahead of our competitors.

We’re reliable

Find a company in which you can trust can be quite hard. With us, you will no longer fear that you do not get what you are paying for. With more than 10 years of experience, we have become a reliable company, with hundreds of customers who consider us a reliable partner.

FrontEnd development

Front end development means not only knowing what program to use, but also understanding how to arrange the elements on the screen, what fonts and colors to choose, to create a unique product, in compliance with the customer’s requests and ideas. Although the tools needed to create the front end of a website are continuously upgrading and changing we do not see this as a challenge. We are always up-to-date with everything new, using only the latest technology, applications and software to create outstanding products.

BackEnd Development

The backend development is equally important as the frontend development. Also known as the backend code, it is the part of the code which is not visible to the user and which is created using various server-side codes (Go, Phython, Java, PHP, etc.) to built an application which will connect with a database through SQL, Access, MySQL, etc. Without the backend development the front end result would not be visible.

Network & Systems Administration

By networking and systems administration effectively we understand the interconnection of various computing devices so that information can pass between them. We apply various methods, such as configuration of protocols and services or topology design. We also provide systems administration, which means designing, configuration, installation, operating and supporting the servers where data is stored.


During a project, outsourcing is one of the most cost-saving  and effective if it is used properly. Sometimes, it is smarter, cost-efficient and more reliable to buy goods from companies that have comparative advantages, than to produce the goods internally. We use outsourcing the proper way so that you or your company can benefit from the best products on the market.

Mobile Development

Smartphones are widely used all over the world and the number of users is in a continuous increase. We live in the era of technology, where smartphones have become instrumental to our lives, helping us organize our time, keep us informed all the time and make our lives so much easier through the multitude of useful apps. Mobile development is of utmost importance for our activity, that is why we dedicate our time and effort to combine up-front design, QA testing and usability testing to come up with life-changing applications for our customers.

Continuous Integration

Continuous integration, or CI, is a development method which requires developers to insert code into a shared repository several times each day, therefore preventing integration issues, also known as ”integration hell”. CI is useful to detect and locate errors faster.