Frequently Asked Questions

IT Positive is more than a group of web designers. We are a full-service multi-media communications firm. You’ll find we offer a comprehensive range of communications services – because good communication is multifaceted. That means we can handle all your organization’s communications needs along a broad spectrum. Externally, we can help you create or revamp a web presence, craft direct mail campaigns or design and print collateral. Internally, we can create or enhance systems for your business’ interdepartmental operations needs. But since this is just a small dose of what awaits you, we encourage you to take a look at our full range of services to see how we might be able to meet your particular needs.

IT Positive is a global operation. We are headquartered in Hampton, VA, near the Chesapeake Bay. In 2007, we opened a sister office in Europe to expand our production facilities and increase our European market. All of our contact information can be found below.

Pricing depends on the services you require (see our services page). After doing your customer needs assessment, we’ll breakdown what services can benefit you the most, as well as the costs for your project. Keep in mind that we can offer high-end technical solutions while keeping your budget in mind. Remember too, you get our best service, no matter the size of your business.

As with our pricing, time is directly related to the number of services you require. You should know, however, that with every project we engage in a proven process where we work with YOU to create goals and milestones to benchmark our progress along the way. This allows us to finish in a mutually agreed timeframe and ensure optimum satisfaction. It’s important to note, that should you change your requirements, additional fees and staff time might be required to adhere to your new request.

We are always just a telephone call or an email away! Call us at 757-941-4035, visit our web site at or send us an email at Since we pride ourselves on our accessibility and responsiveness, all inquiries are answered in no more than 24 hours.