$50K+ TO $250K AT 0% APR


With a Guaranteed Funding Strategy, running your business becomes effortless, because you have a cash flow that works FOR you and not against you.

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Dixon Rosales

Marco Polo Optical

Niche: Optical Store

Result: $75,000 in 62 days

Marco Polo Optical: Dixon was able to secure a $75k with 0% APR in 62 days with a 2 year old personal credit profile.

Dixon comes from Venezuela, where he had an optical store. He moved to the United States a couple of years ago and was struggling to build his personal credit. He didn't even know that business credit was an option and was running his day-to-day operations with just cash, limiting his business growth.

The Process:

When we first started working with Dixon, we guided him step-by-step on how to boost his personal credit profile to maximize his approval odds. We added authorized users to boost his history, added accounts to help with his credit mix, and finally, successfully applied for business credit cards.

The Result:

We were able to fund Dixon with a $75,000 0% APR business credit card, even with a very young personal credit profile. Now he is ready to finally separate his business from his personal finances and have cash flow to purchase inventory.

Angela Yon-Fleites

Epic Beauty & Wellness

Niche: Med Spa

Result: $95,000 in 3 weeks

EPIC BEAUTY & WELLNESS: Angela EBW Went From $0 to $90k in fundings in just 3 weeks

When Angela came to us, she was covering all her business expenses with her own cash and sometimes even using her personal savings to purchase more inventory to run her business. Angela knew that if she continued this way, she would never be able to scale to the numbers she wanted.

The Process:

When Angela started, she said, "All I want is some funds to cover the upfront costs without using my own money." She knew that she could book appointments and recoup the money to pay it back, but she wanted to stop putting her own cash on the line.

We analyzed her credit profile and built a detailed plan for her. As a result, she got approved for a total of $90,000 in two different credit cards.

The Result:

Angela was able to put a credit card between her recurring payments, allowing her to start collecting reward points, cash back, and giving her time to sell her products while keeping her cash in the bank.

Angel Gutierrez

Results: from $0 to $120k in funding

GIANGEL FINANCIAL ADVISORY: Angel Went From $0 in available credit to 120k In Less Than 2 Months

When Angel came to us, his goal was to lower the amount of interest he was paying on his personal loans by leveraging the benefits of business credit cards and transferring his debt.

The Process:

When we first started working with Angel, we guided him step by step on how to properly open his business from scratch. We filed his articles of organization, business pro forma, EIN, and bank account and finally successfully applied for business credit cards.

The Result:

We were able to fund Angel with $120,000 of 0% APR business credit cards, even with a brand-new LLC and little to no transactions, in just two weeks.

Atomic Soler

Steven & Joaquin Soler

Niche: Real Estate Investing

Results: From investing with cash to OPM

Atomic Soler: Steven Soler Went From Investing with Cash to OPM

When Steven came to us, he had one of the worst credit profiles we had seen, with collections, late payments, and an overall poor history. Financing new deals in his business was becoming a nightmare, so he decided to start the cleanup process with us.

The Process:

The process of deleting all negative marks from his profile took our team almost six months. During this time, we gave Steven recommendations on how to get back in the bank's good graces to secure future business funding. In the meantime, we applied with his father and business partner's credit profile and were approved for over $80,000.

The Result:

Steven went from struggling to finance his deals to leveraging other people's money and 0% lines of credit to fund and build his real estate portfolio.

James Llornes

Niche: MMA Gym

Results: +107% sales increase

in less than 30 days

MMA MASTERS: James increased his sales revenue +107% in less than 30 days.

When we met James from MMA Masters, he just wanted 0% APR funding to upgrade their gym, buy new vending machines, fix the bathrooms, and buy new operating systems. But as we got to know each other, we found out that they had no acquisition process, they were relying for people to just walk in.

The Process

Luckily, the gym had most of the backend figured out, it just wasn't optimized to modern-day standards. We tweaked their websites, social media links and perfected their pricing and offer. But most importantly we helped them set up profitable campaigns to attract new students to their doors.

The Result

In less than 30 days, we were able to refresh their brand and started running advertisements to covert leads into clients. MMA Master has been growing 100% every month since they started our program and have tripled their revenue and plan to keep scaling, maybe even to new markets or the online space.